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Friday, March 22nd 2019

_Illicit Discharge Elimination Plan (IDEP)
The Illicit Discharge Elimination Plan (IDEP) is based on the Watershed Approach for the improvement of water quality in Saginaw County's proposed Watershed Management Region. Its specific goal is to eliminate any unauthorized discharges, as defined in the NPDES storm water permit, from the separate storm sewer systems of the communities, municipalities, school districts, university or agencies that are cooperating in the Saginaw Area Storm Water Authority (SASWA). The SASWA is depending on the cooperation of its membership and the MDEQ in realization of this goal. This IDEP identifies common elements the regulated township, community, agency, public school system, or university will implement in this plan and areas where cooperation with Saginaw County agencies and the MDEQ is important. At a minimum this IDEP includes the following: (source MIG619000)

A program to find, prioritize and eliminate illicit discharges and illicit connections identified during dry weather screening activities.
A description of a program to minimize infiltration or seepage from sanitary sewers and onsite sewage disposal systems into the applicant's separate storm water drainage system.
A method for determining the effectiveness of the illicit discharge elimination activities which shall, at a minimum, result in the inspection of each storm water point source every five years unless the Department (MDEQ) approves an alternate schedule. An alternative schedule may focus efforts on urbanized area and cover other regulated areas less frequently, based on watershed goals.
Provide an updated map showing the location of each known storm water point source in the regulated area, and the respective receiving water or drainage system. The MDEQ may accept an alternate submission if the permittee demonstrates that the submission will be sufficient in the effective elimination of illicit discharges.

This plan will be submitted to the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality at the required date. When submitted the plan will then be made available at this site.

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