Saginaw Area Storm Water Authority
Friday, March 22nd 2019

_Public Education

One of the best methods to reduce pollutants entering our watershed is by educating the residents and visitors on ways to protect our watershed. By enabling residents to care for our water resources we will improve the water quality in our watershed. To accomplish this the SASWA has developed a Public Education Plan (PEP).

Recreational Vehicle Sanitary Waste

Helpful information on the problem of illegal dumping and what you can do to protect our watershed.

Top Ten Things We Can Do to Protect Our Watersheds
Protecting Water Quality from Urban Runoff
Do Your Downspouts Lead to the River
A Homeowner's Guide to Septic Systems
Know Your Watershed

Our Lawns Pollute Code Buster
River Wildlife Connect the Dots
Take the Stormwater Runnoff Challenge
River Fish Word Scramble
Storm Drain Maze
Wetlands: Nature's Wonder Puzzle
Household Hazardous Wastes Word Search

MWEA Watershed Presentation - Streaming Video

The MWEA Watershed Presentation was developed by the Michigan Water Environment Association and the Michigan Water Environment Association Watershed Management Committee.

Dial-up users on 56k or less lines may experience delays using streaming video. Streaming video is intended for high speed broadband connections. It is recommended that dial-up users download the full presentation to avoid problems with streaming video. To download the full presentation, download the executable zip file from the bottom link above, extract it, and run the index.htm file.


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