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Monday, February 18th 2019

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Website traffic is currently being tracked and made available with the link(s) below.

2005 Website Traffic (February 2005 - Present)

Glossary of Terms
In order to fully understand the traffic reports, you may wish to view the glossary of terms below. These phrases will appear on the traffic reports.

Authenticated User - A user which logged in to the SASWA restricted member area.

Bandwidth - Amount of traffic transmitted from the site.

Hit - A request for any file, page or image.

Host - A computer connected to the Internet. User hosts are shown in the reports as IP addresses or domain names.

Page View - A request for a page file.

Spider (Robot) - A program which automatically gets information from sites. Spiders gather information from search engines, extract emails, check links, etc.

Total Unique IPs - The number of different user IP adddresses or domain names.

Visitor - The program determines number of visitors by the IP addresses. If a request from an IP address came after some time (timeout) since the last request from this IP, it is considered to belong to a different visitor. The timeout is set to 30 minutes.

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