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Monday, February 18th 2019

_Watershed Plans - Lower Cass Watershed
Lower Cass Watershed MapThe LCW is a 24.1 square mile portion of the Cass River Watershed, a sub-watershed of the Saginaw Bay Watershed located in Michigan's Eastern Lower Peninsula. The Cass River Watershed has a total area of 908 square miles. The LCW drains portions of three townships within Saginaw County. Only two of these townships are part of NDPES Phase II communities and subsequently members of the SASWA. 53.9 square miles of the LCW are within the SASWA area of responsibility. The LCW borders the Flint River Watershed, and meet at a confluence that forms the Saginaw River. The Saginaw River flows 22.3 miles northeast to Lake Huron, discharging into Saginaw Bay.

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