did you know:

Saginaw County is part of a system that accounts for 20% of the world’s fresh water.

Some of our daily activities can adversely affect this fresh water resource that millions use for drinking water, providing food, and recreational activities. We have a responsibility to protect this valuable resource.


Public Education Resources

Want to learn more about what you can do to help protect our waters? Check out these helpful resources.


Report Spills or Illicit Discharges

Spills and illicit discharges (i.e. dumping of chemicals/waste/trash down the storm drain) degrade the water quality of surface waters in the state of Michigan. If you see a spill or illicit discharge within the SASWA's watershed area, please click below to report it and do your part to keep our water clean. To learn more about what are illicit discharges are and what SASWA is doing to prevent them click on the Illicit Discharges button.


Storm Water Design Guidelines Post Construction Controls

For Design Engineers, Architects and Developers doing sites in Saginaw County and need the Design Guidelines for stormwater management. Follow this link or contact Russ Beaubien P.E.,CFM at 989-921-5571.