Storm Water Post-Construction Controls (SWPCC)


The Storm Water Post-Construction Controls is an effort to reduce the risk of overloading the combined sewerage system and to reduce peak flows and pollution entering the Municipal Separated Storm Sewer System (MS4).  The purpose of the Storm Water Post-Construction Controls is to establish a procedure by which the municipality and property owners work together to reduce the peak rate of storm water runoff.  Reductions in flow and pollution entering the combined sewer system and MS4 can improve the water quality of the Saginaw River, as well as protect citizens and property.

In the past, the primary objective of the storm water drainage system in Saginaw was to remove runoff as quickly as possible to reduce flooding and ponding.  As the City and surrounding areas developed, this objective led to a system that is vulnerable to localized flooding.  As runoff enters the system, pipes quickly exceed full capacity and water backs up.  This has led to costly and dangerous basement flooding and other problems.

The Storm Water Post-Construction Controls establishes the framework through which detention measures and allowable discharge will be implemented.  The Permit Guidelines detail the process that must be followed to gain approval for storm water drainage of new development or redevelopment.